» Birds of Erie Lake Book Project.

Birds of Erie Lake Book Project.

Birds of Erie Lake Book Project.

I am working on a project to help protect Erie Lake.
This is not to deny access to people fishing or anything that will cause people to be upset but rather create awareness of what we have so close to Salmo and show people the abundance of Wildlife that use the lake.

My first effort is creating a photography book documenting the lakes bird population.  So far I have identified 46 different types of birds that use the lake with photographs.
As well as birds the Painted Turtle, a protected species are abundant in Erie Lake, one of the most successful breeding spots in BC.

What I am looking for are local businesses or individuals to sponsor my efforts by purchasing copies of the book that will be given away as prizes at local events and if possible copies sent to the local schools.  They will be high quality books with beautiful images of the birds I have taken over the last few years.  To get them out to the general public is the goal.  My hope is that individuals will purchase the book for themselves and an extra copy to be given away.  Businesses are more than welcome to purchase as many as they like :)

There will be no profit to me made from the sales of books.

If you choose to purchase any books your name or your company’s name would be added to the sponsors page with the largest donors listed at the top and more prominent.
I realize many of you are big supporters of community organizations in Salmo and would totally understand if you cannot add this to your list.  I just wanted to give you the opportunity.

I am including an image of the book’s cover to give you some idea of what it will look like.  It will be an 13×11 in landscape format and probably over 40 pages when completed.  There will be additional content pertinent to the environmental importance of the lake written by professionals in the field and some additional photos taken by other local photographers.  90% of the photos have been taken by myself.   The book design will be completed in about two months.

As well as the hard cover printed books it will also be available for electronic download as a PDF book and in the Apple iOS format readable by iPads, iPhone’s etc.
I do not expect to generate revenue from this book.  It is intended to create awareness and all copies purchased by individuals or businesses will  be given away. The electronic versions will also be free to download.

If you have any interest in this project please let me know by private email and I will get back to you with the what it will cost to become involved.

Contact is photography@telus.net

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